Board games have been at the center of family fun for generations, but every now and then the adults need some fun too.

Check out these five fun board games that will make you laugh long after the snow has gone.

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It's In The Bag

This game has been described as charades on steroids. If you can handle laughing all night, this might be your game.

Five Second Rule Game

You have five seconds to name three things associated with the card you chose. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Wait until you try it.

Cards Against Humanity

If you haven't played this one yet, get on board! Once this game gets rolling it's hard to quit. Laughing is assured.

Drawing Without Dignity

The artistic ability not required. Consider it an uncensored adult Pictionary kind of game. The drawings are as hilarious as you think they are.


According to the game, it's not safe for the faint of heart, the uptight or those with weak bladders. Laughing will happen.

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