Looks like one crappy situation turned into an even crappier one near Aurora. A fight about not picking up dog poop led to a shooting in Colorado.

Right before 10 p.m. last night (Tuesday, Feb. 25) near South Parker Road and East Florida Avenue, a crappy situation got even crappier. Two people were walking their dogs in Arapahoe County on Tuesday night when things got nasty. According to the Arapahoe Sheriff's Office's Twitter, the victim told deputies that he and the suspect were both walking their dogs when they started arguing.

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The reason why they started arguing was because of dog poop. It's a pretty crappy topic to argue about, and this argument was about someone not picking up their dog's number two. Things escalated and one of the dog walkers pulled out a gun and fired. This crappy situation got even crappier.

Thankfully, the other person wasn't injured over something as stupid as dog poop. Officers set up a search perimeter, put the area in shelter in place and did a search. According to the Arapahoe Sheriff's Office, no suspects were found and no arrests were made. The suspect is currently at large.

Someone not picking up their dog's poop is not worth pulling out a gun and shooting at them. We're not always going to approve of what other people do and sometimes, even though it's hard, it's best to just walk away.

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