Can you believe Justice League hits theaters next weekend? No? Okay great, in that case Warner Bros. has a bajillion new clips and photos from the upcoming DCEU team-up to remind you.

When I said a bajillion I didn’t just mean two or three clips and a handful of photos, I meant seven clips and 60 – yes, six-zero – new photos. The clips are relatively short, but in total they’re about seven minutes of footage, which is quite a lot for Warner Bros. to bestow on us ahead of release. Some are scenes teased in the trailers and TV spots, like Batman meeting The Flash and Batman meeting Aquaman. But there are some new bits of footage, like J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon meeting the gang of superheroes, the team fighting Steppenwolf (with the most extended look at the villain yet), and Wonder Woman saving the day. Superman also makes an appearance (well, his name does at least).

First up, here’s Steppenwolf trying to kill the Justice League and Aquaman exercising his Moses-like powers holding up a wall of water:

In this next clip, marvel at Ben Affleck’s peculiar whispered growl, which suddenly shifts into a deeper even weirder growl halfway through his chat with Aquaman:

Watch Wonder Woman save a building full of kids and throw a denoting bomb up through the roof. Gal Gadot is definitely going to be the best part of this movie, right? Right.

Here, we finally get a full look at J.K. Simmons’ Jim Gordon when he meets the justice fighting crew on a dark and rainy rooftop. Why don’t superheroes have better secretive meeting spots? Shouldn’t there be a SoHo House for superheroes?

If you’re itching for more Ezra-Miller-being-a-goofy-weirdo, then you’re in luck:

And here’s an extended version of that super awkward TV spot with The Flash and Batman from last week. Miller is clearly the class clown of Justice League, but based on this clip I’m, uh, a little worried the film won’t quite pull off the tone:

And last but not least, Justice League finally acknowledges the Man of Steel when Bruce Wayne tells Alfred the world needs Superman. And hey, so do we; show us Supes already, Warner Bros!

Now that you’ve seen approximately seven minutes out of the 119-minute film, if you find yourself wanting more, feast your eyes on a selection of new photos (h/t Collider). On top of the Justice League gang, there’s also some stills of Simmons’ Gordon, Amber Heard’s Mera, Joe Morton’s Dr. Silas Stone, Connie Neilsen’s Hippolyta, and Diane Lane’s mama Martha. Justice League hits theaters November 17.

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