We all have our own favorite foods we love to eat. A favorite snack, beverage, or favorite meal can be the pick-me-up you need after a hard day. What happens when you can no longer find that item in a store in Grand Junction?

Maybe you have moved a couple of times and found that your new grocery store is lacking many of the brands/items that the old one had. Today we're taking a look at foods we love that are just not really available on the Western Slope.

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What Foods Do You Crave but Can't Find in Colorado?

I've lived in several states over the last 25 years in radio. I've had to get used to several different regional cuisines. While I enjoyed some more than others, there are a few items I wish would be able to follow me to each and every grocery store I shop in. In the gallery below Pam Espinoza reached out and told us she missed being able to get Lou Malnati's Pizza! High five, Pam! I've had to make 3 special orders for that over the last year. 

What are Some of Western Colorado's Hard to Find Favorites?

Grand Junction is craving several items in response to this question including things like ketchup chips, fresh crawfish, morel mushrooms, fresh crawfish, Yuengling beer, blue bell ice cream, skyline chili, and all things seafood. What else would you add to the list?

Some Favorites are Available for Nation-Wide Delivery

If the item you miss most is a popular regional item, you may find a company that will put it on dry ice and ship it. This is the way I order Chicago deep-dish pizza and it's amazing. These days you can order Phili Cheesteaks, Cheesecake, Italian Beef, Hotdogs, and so many other things. If you don't mind the shipping you can be back in front of your favorite hard-to-find foods by next weekend.

What is Your Favorite Food Item You Can't Get in Colorado?

We asked you about your favorite food items that can be hard to find in Colorado. Tell us about something you love to eat that just isn't available in Colorado like it is in other places. Scroll on to find out what the Western Slope misses the most.

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