As of this past Monday, fall is officially here. These are some of Grand Junction's all-time favorite fall activities.

Even though it's like 80 degrees outside, it's technically fall here in Grand Junction. (And everywhere else in the Nothern Hemisphere too.) The first day of fall was Monday, September 23.

We asked you what you love to during the fall here in Grand Junction on our Facebook, and this is what you had to say. These are some of Grand Junction's favorite fall activities:

Candice May Martin says she loves looking at 'all dem pumpkins' in fall. She likes going to Studt's Pumpkin Patch and Moon Farm to scope out dem pumpkins. Sunnie Perley commented on our Facebook and says she loves going to pumpkin patches with her kiddos.

We had numerous comments on our Facebook about how watching the leaves change is their favorite fall activity here in Grand Junction. Aaron Taylor says he like drive up to the Grand Mesa to see the leaves change. The Mesa has glowing aspen trees during the fall, and it's definitely something you don't want to miss this fall.

More of Grand Junction's favorite fall activities include hunting, going to yard sales, camping, and crocheting. Grand Junction also loves going jeeping, camping, drink coffee and wearing all the warm and fuzzy clothes like beanies and hoodies. Not everyone likes fall though, we had some people comment their favorite fall activity is waiting for summer or spring.

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