It's not how they teach you do it in Dunk School, but it did go in. Eventually. And hey, as long as the ball drops through the hoop, its exact pathway before is irrelevant, right?

Anyway, that's Donovan Mitchell of Louisville, doing his (totally unnecessary, kinda show-offy, but still fun) pregame through-the-legs dunk routine. Mitchell's a helluva baller, and his in-game dunks this year are up there with anyone's, but we doubt he could ever pull this off again even if he tried like 1,000 times.

We're not sure what kind of reaction this might get on the playground. Sure, it's always a good laugh when some guy flops a dunk attempt, but those chuckles would quickly turn into oooohs and aaaaaahs and "Holy s---!"s when it came back down and fell straight through the hoop, nothing but net.

Next time, though, let's see him pull this off in a game. Then we'll give him the full salute.


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