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It's officially November which means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Here are some essentials to celebrate a cozy, stress-free Thanksgiving.

I love celebrating Thanksgiving by stuffing my face with delicious food and washing it back with wonderful wine. I'm going to love it even more once I get these essentials. From potholders to a super fuzzy blanket, these are the essentials you need to celebrate a cozy, stress-free Thanksgiving.

With all of that Thanksgiving food, you're going to be cooking, you'll definitely need some good oven mitts and potholders. You might as well make yourself laugh with these beary funny oven mitts every time you take food out of the oven. They also come with potholders so once you run out of space on the stove, you can use these.

This Thanksgiving you can not only eat the turkey but also be the turkey. This super cozy blanket is perfect for that post Thanksgiving meal nap that is pretty inevitable. Just don't try to eat this turkey though.

That $15 bottle of wine is about to taste a lot more expensive. This wine aerator not only will up the taste of your Thanksgiving wine, but it also looks awesome when you pour it. Your family has never seen a dragon wine aerator -- until this Thanksgiving.

I always forget to get a turkey baster every single Thanksgiving -- but not this year. This baster looks cool and it even has a cleaning tool that comes with it. Prepare for the juiciest turkey yet.

After stuffing your face with as much food as possible, it's time to get comfy. These sweatpants show everyone that you've just initiated sloth mode. These will feel great on a tummy full of turkey underneath your Turkey blanket.

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