A Salt Lake City man was enraged and angrily confronted police after his dog was shot and killed in his back yard by a police officer.

Sean Kendall received a call from Animal Control that his dog had been shot and killed. Sean drove to his house where he furiously confronted police about the incident.

All we know is that the dog was in a fenced-in back yard when it was shot. We don't know why the officer was in the backyard, and what exactly prompted the shooting. But, it is certainly easy to understand Sean's anger --and the sense of loss. Anyone who has owned and enjoyed the companionship of a dog can't help but feel for Sean- a mixture of anger and grief.

It is unfortunate that the officer who actually shot the dog was not on the scene to explain the situation and give a grieving dog owner some answers. And while it's understandable the officers on the scene are going to be defensive and supportive of their colleague, it's expected that they would at the very least express some understanding and sympathy for the dog owner.

I can't say that I wouldn't react the very same way Sean did if I came home today and found my dogs shot dead in my back yard. Wouldn't you?