There are thousands of people in Western Colorado who subscribe to Netflix and yes, they do send emails to their subscribers. There is one particular email that looks like it's from Netflix but is actually a scam.

If you get an email from Netflix asking you to update your information including payment options with a link, delete it. This email is a scam designed to get your personal information including a credit card number.

People who have received the email say it looks legitimate and what makes this scam even more believable is a very real, but fake, log-in screen. Even more frightening is after entering personal information on the bogus site, it redirects you to the real Netflix site.

Netflix says they never ask customers to provide personal information via email. The company reminds subscribers if they need to update information, always go directly to the website, and log-in to their account.

The Grand Junction Police Department reminds residents never to provide personal information in response to any unsolicited email no matter what the alleged source.

If concerned, you can always contact the company directly by phone or website. If real, they already have your personal information and need very little from you to verify it.

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