Are you ready for some Eagles??

It's quite possible an Eagles concert has been on your bucket list for years and it's never happened. Consequently, you missed out on your chance to see the legendary Glenn Frey. Are you going to let another golden opportunity pass you by?

Lady luck is shining down upon you because the Eagles are coming back to Denver for two shows at the Pepsi Center. Could this be your last opportunity to see this iconic band in concert?

More than once we thought we had seen the last of the Eagles. The first time was when they disbanded -or went on hiatus in 1980. They were all doing their own thing, solo work, collaborations, and nobody knew if we would ever see them on stage together again.

Turns out, 14 years later the Eagles were back and gave us many more good years, despite some lineup changes.

When Glenn Frey passed away in 2016, once again it looked like the end of the road for the Eagles. How could they possibly continue on without the man who was so instrumental in creating and performing the hits that would put this band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? But, they did continue, and they remain as popular as ever.

You still have Don Henley, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Schmidt. That's huge.  The touring band includes Glenn Frey's son Deacon, and country superstar Vince Gill. This is still one of the greatest bands of all time.

March 26 and March 28 the Eagles take the stage at the Pepsi Center. While some tickets on Ticketmaster are going for more than $1000, the standard ticket price ranges from $129 to $299.

If you are a fan of the Eagles and have never seen them in concert, this is the time to bite the bullet, pull out the credit card, and make it happen. Don Henley, Joe Wash, and Timothy B. Schmidt are all 72 years old - and they aren't getting any younger.

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