Did you ever make a detour off of I-70 to visit the Eagles Nest in Cameo, Colorado? For that matter, did you ever deliberately make the trek from Grand Junction to Cameo for the sole purpose of going to this awesome restaurant? Unfortunately, this family restaurant/truck stop is no longer in business.

The Eagles Nest operated for decades just off of Exit 47 in Cameo, Colorado. While everyone refers to the restaurant as being in Cameo, Google Maps lists the business's address as 1040 I-70, Palisade, Colorado.

The site offered plenty of parking for locals, tourists, and semis. For as long as I can remember, the business was open 24/7.

Speaking as a band guy, the Eagles Nest was a popular place to go at four in the morning. Bands would wrap up their engagements in Rifle, Glenwood, Carbondale, or wherever they happened to be playing, and make their way to the Eagle's Nest. By the time bands finished tearing down their gear and set course back to Junction, it would be at least 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning before they hit the restaurant.

The Eagles Nest ceased operation on April 12 of this year. Why did it close? According to the General Manager of the restaurant, Victor Owens, the business simply reached a point where it was losing more money than it took in. In a note to his customers, Owens said, "I'm sorry to say that it's costing Petroleum Wholesale more money than it's bringing in, so they have decided to close it up."

Waylon Jordan

Goodbye, Eagle's Nest. I will miss your cinnamon rolls at 3:30 in the morning. The coffee was outstanding. Thank you for years of service to the weary traveler, or for that matter, the Western Colorado local who simply had the desire to get out of town.