A new video shared by a driver shows that Grizzly 399 and her cubs are not in hibernation yet as they made an appearance just outside of Jackson.

This video was shared by Robin Lunceford on Facebook a couple days ago. It's hard to tell the exact location, but based on the view of the Tetons near the end of it, it looks like it's just north of Jackson.

If you're new to Wyoming bear lore, Grizzly 399 is one of the most famous grizzlies and has been a mainstay in and around Grand Teton National Park for over 20 years.

In early November, we shared reports of Grizzly 399 and her cubs looking for food near a neighborhood in Wilson, Wyoming. According to reports, there are over 40 photographers that regularly follow this grizzly mom and her cubs from location to location hoping to get pics. That's led to some close calls between Grizzly 399, her cubs and the public.

This might be one of the last appearances of Wyoming's most famous grizzly and her cubs as hibernation time must be close. Come spring you can expect this famous grizzly and the bear paparazzi to begin this chase all over again.

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