Western Colorado musician extraordinaire Tony Rosario had a dream about the upcoming Presidential election in which he managed to incorporate a number of unrelated images into one fascinating head trip.

How does one work Donald Trump, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Miley Cyrus, Bernie Sanders, Ninjas, Donald Trump, and dollar-spewing ATM's into a single dream?

Via his personal Facebook page, Rosario shared detailed information about last night's dream. Consider, if you will, images of a ninja, Hillary Clinton, a cape-donning Bernie Sanders, and Miley Cyrus, all in one dream. Here you go:

Bill Clinton punches Donald Trump in the junk in the middle of the next debates - and then Hillary goes all "Crouching Tiger -- Spitting Dragon Ninja bad ass" on Bill & his dalliance in the front row. Miley Cyrus swings through on a wrecking ball, and then Bernie Sanders comes flying in off the top rope wearing a cape - and slaps the snot out of everybody till they spit out dollar bills like an ATM." - Tony Rosario

What are the hidden messages in this man's dream? Let's explore the imagery and see if we can get to the bottom of this. According to the website Dream Moods, there are very simple explanations behind Tony's dream elements. Check out the interpretations in the gallery above.

Well, there you have it. Make of it what you will. The guest appearance by Miley Cyrus was a nice touch, albeit a little weird. Before long the debates and the election will be a distant memory instead of a haunting dream.

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