What could be the scariest place on Earth is for sale ‘Dracula’s Castle’ in Transylvania has hit the market and could be yours for the right price. Bran Castle as it is known doesn’t have a listing price but if someone with a reasonable offer would like to talk business, the seller will listen.

The 57-room castle was built in the late 1300’s and sits on 22 acres but it doesn’t have any bathrooms so it does need some work. The seller is looking for about $135 million, which is a bite in the old pocketbook, but the castle does get over 500,000 tourists each year so it makes money.

The castle got its nickname because it matches the description of Dracula’s Castle in Bram Stoker’s novel. The castle also has some ties to Vlad Tepes, who never lived there but was a prisoner for a couple of months. Tepes is believed to be the inspiration for the Dracula character.

So what could you do with Dracula’s Castle? A lot if you have the money. How much would people pay to spend the night in a haunted castle? Probably quite a bit and yes the castle is believed to be haunted.

You just need to update it so it is more like a hotel and not just an old castle.

This would be the best site for a Halloween party ever. You book Rob Zombie and host the biggest bash the world has ever seen. Just think about how many people would come to this party each year.

The castle would also be a great place to film horror movies. Every good scary movie needs an old creepy castle to set the stage and what better place than Dracula’s Castle.

There is a lot you could do with Dracula’s Castle, if one is just brave enough.