Have you ever had that weird feeling that you're being watched? A doorbell security camera confirmed that one woman's feeling of being watched was real when it showed that she and her dog were being followed by a coyote.

This video was provided by a Ring doorbell camera. It shows a lady walking her dog while nearby a coyote is lurking.

On the video description, the home owner shared what happened:

When Cody saw that a neighbor walking her dog was being followed by a coyote, he quickly offered her and her pup a safe haven.

Maybe I don't get out often enough, but I rarely see a coyote this aggressive in a city setting. In the wild, sure. For one of these animals to be actively stalking someone in a town seems rare to me.

The Urban Coyote Research Project (yes, there is such a thing) claims that coyote attacks against humans or pets is rare. According to their recommendation, a coyote behaving this aggressively in the daytime should be reported immediately. I would agree with that assessment.

Considering some of the weird encounters we've seen with wildlife and humans lately, an encounter like this should be considered normal I guess.

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