Don Felder has no intention of taking it easy anytime soon. On March 25, the former Eagle will re-release his critically acclaimed second solo outing 'Road to Forever' in a deluxe expanded package. The new set will come with four additional songs, 'Can’t Stop Now,' 'Southern Bound,' 'She Runs Free' and 'Sensuality.'

Originally released in October 2012, 'Road to Forever' was a project that the guitarist likened to “a personal journey of introspection.” In addition to his own lead vocal and guitar contributions, Felder elected to bring in a number of his famous friends for the project, including Crosby, Stills & Nash, Steve Lukather, David Paich and Steve Porcaro of Toto, Randy Jackson and Styx’s Tommy Shaw.

The assist from Crosby, Stills & Nash for the record’s leadoff single, ‘Fall From the Grace of Love,’ was especially exhilarating, as the guitarist related to us at the time of its initial release. “I reached out and literally within two weeks, they were on my calendar to come in and sing it. We went to the House of Blues studio here in Los Angeles and put them on it in I think like two little three-hour sessions or something. It didn’t take very long at all – those guys are just gifted magicians when it comes to laying in and harmonizing and that sort of stuff. We used my demos as just a thumbnail sketch for it. They just blew my background vocals away.”

In the wake of the updated and expanded 'Road to Forever' roll-out, Felder will hit the road in May with rock heavyweights Styx and Foreigner for their 'Soundtrack of Summer' North American tour. In conjunction with the tour, Felder and the two groups got together to re-record the guitarist’s signature song, ‘Hotel California,’ with an all-new and updated arrangement. “I didn’t want to do just a remake of the same version of ‘Hotel California,’” Felder recently recounted to us. “I thought that had been done twice. It had to be new and fresh.”

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