Pandas seem so cute, but it's illegal to keep one of the endangered species as a pet. So, some people have to settle for the next best thing, a dog that looks like a panda.

The problem, there aren't any dog breeds that have all the markings of a panda. To solve that problem, some dog owners have resorted to dying their dog's fur to mimic the coloring of a panda.

The most common breed is a chow, because apparently it has the physical characteristics that make it look like, when dyed, a panda.

These three dogs are pure white chows that have been dyed with the black markings of a panda.

If you like pandas, seeing dogs that look like them can be enjoyable. But, is it really worth all the time and money to dye a dog's fur just to make it look like another animal? For the owner of these thee pups, it is.

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