Some good Samaritans rescued a missing dog from an abandoned mine shaft near Fairplay recently and returned it to its owner.

Preston Gladd was hiking near the Beaver Creek area when he heard what sounded like animal noise in a mine shaft, but ignored it. About a week later, hiking in the same spot, he heard the noise again, investigated, and discovered a dog some 25 feet down in the shaft.

He returned with help and some equipment and was able to hoist the mixed-breed dog out of the shaft. The dog, whose name was Cheyenne, was skinny and thirsty, but otherwise uninjured.

The dog had apparently been missing for a couple of weeks after running off, and had been in the mine shaft for a week. Through social media, the owners were located and Cheyenne was returned safe and sound.

Good Samaritan stories are always heart-warming whether it has to do with people or pets. It's good to see the goodness of people who make the effort to make a difference in the world.

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