Are you looking for a great time to spend with your dog? Head out to this year's Dog 'n Jog at Sherwood Park in Grand Junction. You four-legged fury friend will love you for it, I know my dog Daisy enjoys the time spent with other dogs.

Every morning, my dog Daisy wakes me up before the alarm clock so we can get going on the walk though the neighborhood! I'm always happy to take her on a walk, and  sometimes I even run with her!

For the last few years I have taken Daisy to Dog 'n Jog, it is a fun time to jog or walk at a different park in Grand Junction each year, and this year we'll be at Sherwood Park.

I hope you join us this year for Dog n Jog on July 27th at 8am for a quick walk and have some fun with your four legged friend! Learn more and sign up here!

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