This photo was used recently in a video showcasing Grand Junction area bicyclists from the 1940's and 50's. I've had several people ask me who the lovely couple might be. My grandpa, Robert Grant, chief photographer from the Daily Sentinel, took the photo years ago. I'm sorry to say, I haven't a clue who the couple is. Do you recognize them?

You probably noticed the school bus in the background marked with "School District 51." At least we know for certain the photo is from the Grand Junction region.

According to Chris Brown, owner/operator of Brown Cycles in Grand Junction, the bike pictured is a "Coast King," available at Coast to Coast stores starting back in 1928. There used to be a Coast to Coast in Grand Junction at 10th and North Avenue, but I'm not entirely sure when it opened for business.

I digress.... do you happen to recognize the lovely couple in the photo? Current residents of Western Colorado are fascinated by them and would like to know. Unfortunately, my grandpa never wrote anything down on his photos.

In the event the couple has family interested in obtaining the photo, I would love a chance to get it to them.