If you've ever wanted to see dinosaur tacks then you live in the right place.  According to a story from KOAA News, the Front Range is the No. 1 track site in the country.

Martin Lockley has spent almost his entire life studying dinosaur track  and is a world renowned paleontologist. The plot of land known as Dinosaur Ridge, in an area of just a few hundred square feet, 330 dino tracks can be seen.

I think one of the most interesting parts is that is believed that these dinosaurs were not walking in the mountains. They very well might have been waling on what used to be the coast.

In some places of Dinosaur Ridge you can get so close to some of the tracks you can even touch them.

I think almost all of us were infatuated with dinosaurs growing up.

Thanks to movie magic, and advancements in technology, most of us could really think about what living with dinosaurs might be like in Jurassic Park.

Well in Colorado we have the closest thing. I think its worth a day trip to see.

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