Did you pay an extra fee to the Grand Valley Drainage District? If not, you might want to wait a while.

After receiving an invoice from Grand Valley Drainage District with instructions to pay a $35 fee, I paid it almost immediately. Now, I'm wondering if I did the right thing.

According to a letter from Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce President Diane Schwenke, that was sent out to chamber members, the chamber feels the purported fee is not the appropriate solution.

The Chamber, along with Mesa County and Chamber Members Conquest Development, EmTech, Knolls Corporation, Hampton Inn/Fairfield Inn and Suites Downtown and Grand Junction Tech Center, will be filing a lawsuit against the Grand Valley Drainage District. The chamber believes the fee is an "unauthorized tax impacting thousands of businesses, nonprofits, churches, and individual citizens."

The Chamber says it supports a valley-wide solution addressing the area's drainage problems, and the "development of thoughtful alternatives regarding new fees, taxes, and grants to meet the need."

Only time will tell if I get my $35 back or if the fee will stand up in court.

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