As Peyton Manning prepares for his fourth season as quarterback of the Denver Broncos, it is clear he has won the hearts of most Broncos fans. But, did Peyton leave his heart in Indiana.

Whenever Peyton Manning retires from professional football, he will have played the majority of his career with the Indianapolis Colts. And when he enters the Hall of Fame, undoubtedly, it will be as a member of the Colts. But, for now, no one can question the fact that Peyton is "all in" when it comes to the Denver Broncos and their efforts to win the Super Bowl.

But, regardless of where Manning's heart lies at the moment, he recently demonstrated that he definitely has heart when he sent an autographed picture and letter to a family in Indiana.

Fifteen-year-old Logan Brown, of Evansville, was a huge Manning fan before being killed by a drunk driver earlier this year. According to a report by WFIE-14, Brown's grandmother sent Peyton a letter telling him what he had meant to Logan's life.

Manning responded by sending an autographed picture and a hand-written note telling the family he was "honored"  that Logan was such a big fan.

Though Logan will never know of Manning's kindness, the gesture means the world to this Indiana family, still grieving the loss of their son and grandson. Once again, Peyton Manning demonstrates that he is truly one of the NFL's good guys. He really does have heart.