This is a Friday the 13th story to go ape over. - Yeah, it's corny, but I couldn't help myself. - A Sumatran orangutan born in Denver last month is ready to make her public debut turning what should be a bad luck day into a good one.

Cerah was born on March 25th and has been spending quality time with her parents Nias and Berani and half-sister Hesty before meeting the rest of the world.

The name Cerah (Che-ra) is an Indonesian word that translates to 'bright' and in her first weeks since being born, she's lived up to that name and shown more cuteness than you'd imagine from an ape.

Cerah Baby Sumatran Orangutan Closeup - Denver Zoo
Courtesy Denver Zoo via Facebook

Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered with less than 15,000 of them worldwide making Cerah a rarity but also hope for a brighter future ahead for this endangered species.

Zoo visitors will be able to see Cerah in the day room of the Great Apes exhibit. Those who are unable to meet Cerah in person on Friday can look for photos on the Denver Zoo website or Facebook page. You'll also want to make plans to meet this cutie sometime this spring or summer.

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