The Denver Zoo had a very special collaboration with the Colorado Symphony back in 2019 and it was nothing short of amazing.

Musicians from the Colorado Symphony came to the Denver Zoo to play for the animals and the reactions from the giraffes and the rhino on Denver Zoo's TikTok page is nothing short of a much-needed dose of dopamine.

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Personally, these two videos of Dobby with an overdub from viral TikTok videos have to be my favorites.

When the musicians arrived at the Denver Zoo, they really had no idea what to expect when they started to play for the animals. Based on the TikTok videos above, you can clearly see they all loved the special occasion.

The Colorado Symphony posted a series of videos on their YouTube channel on December 16, 2019. Three videos in total for each of the exhibits where the musicians performed. The Reticulated Giraffe exhibit, Tensing the Greater One-Horned Rhino, and the Sumatran Orangutan Exhibit.

Tensing The Greater One-Horned Rhino

Nick Tisherman, an Oboe player for the Colorado Symphony, said "it was definitely a milestone in my career" to play for Tensing, the Greater One-Horned Rhino.

Lindsey Kirkman, Assistant Pachyderm Curator for the Denver Zoo, said "you can tell exactly where their (a rhino) attention is focused at any given time, not by where they are looking but by where their ears are going." Kirkman added, " a lot of her attention and her ears were focused forward. Which means she's really, really engaged with the musicians and the instruments".

Dobby Jams Out at The Denver Zoo with the Colorado Symphony

Amanda Faliano, Giraffe Keeper at the Denver Zoo, said "One or two times they would get bouncy, which is a sign of excitement and fun... We didn't actually see any fear".

"The more active the music, they seemed to act accordingly." Phillip Stevens, Viola, of the Colorado Symphony said.

Orangutans Relax to Live Music

Primates Keeper for the Denver Zoo, Cindy Cossaboon, describes the family of Orangutans at the exhibit in the video. She said, "Berani was the most interested. He was spending a lot of time sitting there smiling and enjoying his drink and paying attention".

Source: Denver Zoo TikTok - Colorado Symphony YouTube

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