This news is absolutely devastating for everyone involved as a woman's body was found in the parking lot of the Emergency Room for the Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, CO, but it was too late according to Newsweek.

Yvette Mooney just 50-year-old was found this last Sunday (August, 23rd) in her vehicle but according to medical examinations she actually passed away three days prior on Thursday, August 20th. She was a mother of two and grandmother, and her family is asking for a change to protocol at the hospital in which she was found.

She is being described as a very hard worker and an amazing mom who raised amazing children. Mooney's family started getting worried when they hadn't heard from her. But her family just assumed she went to the hospital to visit a friend, after waiting a little longer they contacted the police.

The Englewood Police Department found Mooney in her vehicle outside of the emergency room, so her family is assuming that she didn't have the power to make it inside and figured that someone would find her and help her. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Her family wants answers as to why a vehicle would go three days outside of a hospital emergency room without anyone questioning it or at least looking into the situation. Police have said the window tint on the vehicle made it difficult to see inside.

Due to the extreme heat in the area and her body going three days undiscovered her family will not be able to plan a proper burial as they had hoped.

Mooney's official cause of death is still under investigation. But her family is calling for increased security protocol, with cars checked more often at the medical center.

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