Sure, he was the last player taken in the NFL draft, but Chad Kelly might end up being the next Tom Brady.

This off-season for the Denver Broncos is a lot like it was a year ago - nobody has any idea who will be the Broncos quarterback in the upcoming season - and beyond. It's likely Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch will battle for the starting job this season, but beyond that, it's anybody's guess.

The Broncos took Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly with the last pick of the NFL draft - not exactly where you would expect to find your quarterback of the future. Of course, the New England Patriots certainly could not have imagined they had a future Super Bowl MVP and future hall-of-famer when they took Tom Brady in the 6th round of the draft a few years ago.

Now, I'm not saying Chad Kelly is going to be the next Tom Brady, but I am saying there's a chance.

Some have said Kelly was a first-round talent, but injuries and some off-the-field issues apparently scared everybody away. According to the Denver Post:

  • Kelly was kicked off the Clemson football team in 2014 following an altercation at a bar
  • In 2016 he tore his ACL and meniscus
  • Had wrist surgery to repair ligaments before the NFL draft

So there is some baggage and some risk. But, here's the upside.

  • He's the nephew of Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly(good genes)
  • Set 25 Ole Miss records in just 22 games
  • In 22 games over 6,000 passing yards and 800 rushing yards, 50 passing touchdowns, and 15 rushing touchdowns (By comparison, Tom Brady's college stats include less than 5000 yards passing, 30 passing touchdowns, 3 rushing touchdowns)
  • In 2015 threw for over 4000  yards leading Ole Miss to wins over Alabama, Auburn, LSU, and Oklahoma State in the Sugar Bowl
  • His Uncle Joe says Chad's competitiveness and work ethic are "unmatched"
  • Tom Brady, while an exception, proves you don't have to be a top draft pick to be a great quarterback

There are no guarantees, and when it comes to NFL draft picks there is no sure thing. The odds are probably against Chad Kelly becoming the Broncos starting quarterback in the next two or three years, but something tells me he's gonna make a good run at it. I, for one, will not be surprised if he is the next "great" Denver Broncos quarterback, maybe even the next Tom Brady.

Only time will tell.

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