They were known as The Pony Express, the Denver Broncos cheerleaders. They cheered on the late 70s Orange Crush Broncos but found the end of the trail.

Yes, the Denver Broncos do have cheerleaders now, but for 13 years, they did not. From 1980 until 1993 the sidelines only had players and coaches. In 1980, the Denver cheer squad was disbanded; the reason why becomes murky.

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I thought back to this story when I recently saw a flashback photo of Robin Williams as a Denver Broncos Cheerleader, back in 1978. He had dressed up that way for an episode of "Mork & Mindy," and it was great. The Broncos were playing in front of 74,000 fans as they beat the Patriots 45-10.

In an interview from a few years back with Denver 7, a former Pony Express Cheerleader recalls how they were only paid $15 per game, but the fun, fame, and Broncos spirit made it all worth it. In the interview, she also talks about one of the scandals of the Pony Express.

Two of the cheerleaders posed for Playboy magazine. In 1978, that was a much bigger deal than it would be today. My brother and I remember Mom being 'disappointed' when she heard that news.

Furthermore, two of the squads' members got busted for prostitution, which only added more fuel to the fire that Denver's cheerleaders were making the now successful team look bad.

So, Denver's Pony Express disbanded, and Denver didn't have cheerleaders again until 1993.

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