David Crosby is taking bi-partisan aim at Congress with a new protest song. Check out "Capitol," where he excoriates elected officials for putting personal gain above duty, below.

They come for the power, for the power they stay,” Crosby sings. “They’ll do anything to keep it that way.” The Soundcloud song description goes one step further: “This is what we think of you Congress!”

Crosby first mentioned plans to record "Capitol" on Tuesday. "I think I am actually going to do this new song about our shameful U.S. congress," he wrote on Twitter, adding that he was "going to mix it day after tomorrow."

Crosby co-wrote "Capitol" with his son James Raymond, who was also part of a recording session that included Andrew Ford, Steve DiStanislao, Greg Leisz (who plays the weeping pedal steel), Steve Tavaglione, Steve Postel and Dean Parks. Apparently, there's plenty more where that came from. Crosby says the track actually "goes on a lot longer. We just faded for this mix."

Crosby is also planning a spring release for the remarkably fast follow-up to last year's Lighthouse, a collaboration with Snarky Puppy member Michael League. It's unclear whether "Capitol" will be part of this as-yet-untitled 2017 project.

Enjoying a period of creative rebirth, Crosby worked on the two albums in tandem. He had actually gone 20 years between solo records before releasing 2013's Croz.

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