In an effort to make the downtown experience one of enjoyment, there are changes being implemented by the City of Grand Junction to make that a reality.

Last summer, the Grand Junction Police Department increased their visibility to see if it would make a positive difference downtown. And it did. So this year, the Department, in cooperation with the Downtown Development Authority, has dedicated two officers to the area on a permanent basis, adding them to the Community Resource Unit.

In addition, the Parks Patrol Unit (you know, the ones on bikes, in yellow shirts) have seen their number expand to 9, from the 6 in 2016 and will be receiving training on how to enforce parking restrictions.

The newest addition to Downtown Grand Junction is the Downtown Ambassador Program. The job of these volunteers will be to welcome visitors, answer questions and inform the officers of any issues that may have arisen, such as safety concerns or vagrancy. These will be identified by their brightly colored polo shirts and it is hoped they will be available Mondays through Saturdays. These volunteers will be rewarded with gift cards from local businesses. They are looking for volunteers, so if you would like to become a Downtown Ambassador, contact Lorie Gregor with the Grand Junction Parks and Recreation Department at (970) 254-3876.

A safer and more welcoming downtown is one change that will be welcomed by all!

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