The Stanley Hotel is a wonderful place to stay, just ask this bear.

Like most discerning hotel stayers, this bear had to make sure it was the right place to stay.

See him check out how strong that coffee table is?

And service? Excuse me? Where is the front desk person? He looks as though he is ready to discuss room rates.

Apparently, Mr. Bear found his way into the hotel late Wednesday or early Thursday morning and decided to take a good look around. Maybe he was looking for Jack Nicholson, or trying to find the bathroom?

There were no guests around at the time, and the bear didn't stay long. The hotel staff was able to run him off easily, as he seemed afraid of people and a simple "shoo" was successful in getting him to maybe check out another hotel.

One of the great things about living in Colorado, you just never know when an animal is going to show up and make himself at home.

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