Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young is streaming a rollicking version of Graham Nash's 'Pre-Road Downs' from the long-awaited forthcoming 'CSNY 1974' box set. You can stream it below.

'CSNY 1974,' produced by Nash and Joel Bernstein and due on July 7, focuses on a never-before-released two-month, 31-concert tour that visited 24 cities. This live collection was first mentioned some three years back in a discussion with Nash and David Crosby. Nash later said the group was determined to release 'CSNY 1974' in time for the tour's 40th anniversary this year.

"[A] reason for the delay is that I kept finding stuff that I didn't want to take off," Nash told Rolling Stone. "'Goodbye Dick' happened in about a minute and a half, and then it was gone. I came upon it and said, 'We've got to put this out.' It's tied so closely to the times of Watergate. When I heard Neil singing, 'Goodbye Dick,' I just loved it."

The new set includes three audio discs, a fourth DVD/Blu-ray disc and a 188-page book. 'Pre-Road Downs' originally closed out Side One of 1969's 'Crosby Stills and Nash.'

Listen to 'Pre-Road Downs'