If you look hard enough, you'll find some amazing and unique real estate listings all over the state of Colorado. One of the things that makes some of these listings so special is when the homes are situated in such a part of the state that natural beauty surrounds them.

At the same time, a craze that's been becoming more and more popular throughout Colorado and beyond is the tiny home phenomenon, and one home currently listed in Colorado is situated in the mountains with ridiculously amazing views, somewhat falls into the tiny home category, while also being incredibly unique. Keep scrolling to check out a brand-new A-Frame home just outside of Cripple Creek, Colorado that is currently for sale.

Modern A-Frame Home in Cripple Creek Colorado for Sale

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These days, you don't really see many A-Frame homes, and you especially don't see many that are new builds. However, a brand-new A-Frame home is exactly what's currently for sale in the mountains near Cripple Creek.

The home was built in 2023 and has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and is located at 920 County Road 61, Cripple Creek, Colorado 80813.

The property consists of 0.56 acres with 981 square feet of living space and is currently listed for $450,000.

As mentioned above, the home isn't necessarily inside the popular gambling town of Cripple Creek but is rather way up in the mountains right next to a small lake.

The home is largely constructed of Colorado Blue Stained Pine and also features an underground propane tank and an impressive water filtration system. In addition to the natural beauty that surrounds the home, the property is bordered by roughly 40 acres of BLM land.

Keep scrolling to check out this unique A-Frame currently for sale near Cripple Creek, Colorado:

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