Coloradans may notice more bats hanging out nearby their homes or flying around outside during the next few weeks, but Colorado Parks and Wildlife explains this is a normal occurrence for this time of year.

According to CPW, an increased amount of bats are expected to be fluttering about northern Colorado, because they are currently migrating to their summer roosts.

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People may come across these animals resting in places like their patio umbrella, between rocks, in trees, under eaves, or between log siding. Wildlife officials noted that the bats should be given space and left alone and that they will likely leave the spot within a night or two to find a more suitable site. Besides the temporary roosts, bats enjoy hanging in sheds, attics, and on roofs – oftentimes without homeowners even knowing they are there.

However, CPW does say to contact them if multiple bats are spotted together in one area.

There are 18 different species of bats found in Colorado. Some live here year-round, while others just migrate through the state. The species plays a very valuable role in ecosystems by helping to control insect populations.

CPW cautions that if a bat is acting abnormally, there's a good chance it may have rabies. However, just because a bat seen in the daytime, does not necessarily mean it's sick. During this time of year, juvenile bats are learning how to fly and eat on their own, or they sometimes also get injured or excluded from their roost. Bats that have contact with pets or humans though, do run a great risk of being rabid.

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