Okay, enough already, this pandemic has already made a mess of 2020. There isn't a whole lot we can do about that except try to enjoy the rest of the year, and hope that nothing else goes wrong. But now we are finding out from The Denver Channel, that due to COVID-19 concerns the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Denver has already been canceled for 2021.

The Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee Board of Directors announced that due to the,

"unlikelihood that a parade will be able to be held safely or legally in Denver in any capacity in the coming months."

As you can expect putting on a parade this big takes months of planning and organizing and with plans changing all the time as soon as the Board of Directors have a plan to try and make something happen, things change and a new plan has to begin. This takes time and money, and at this point, it is still anyone's guess on whether we will be able to have a large group of people gather for a parade in March.

It's the unfortunate reality that we are all living with right now, but I applaud the Board of Directors for making a decision early, even if it isn't the popular decision.

The parade was canceled earlier this year as it was planned for when this whole pandemic first started so for the second year in a row COVID-19 cancels the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Denver. This annual event had been going on for 55 years and brings in thousands of people.

Organizers are trying to create some sort of a smaller Irish-themed event in the summer or fall of 2021. Fingers crossed we don't have too many more parades and festivals cancel the fun planned for 2021.

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