Looks like Colorado is still trying to find the answer to that age old question. 

No, not 'Is God real?' Or 'Is there an afterlife?' Nope, us here in Colorado only have one real question on our minds. Where's Waldo?

Wait, what?

That's right. According to Estately's latest map, from the website complex.com, we here in Colorado hit Google and ask 'Where's Waldo' more than any other question.

In fact, the map lays out each state in the country and their own most Googled question. And from I see, we shouldn't be as embarrassed as you might think.  Let's take a look at some real doozies:

  • Texas asks 'Where is the Internet?' Not what it is, but where it is.
  • Wisconsin. My home state makes me proud with 'What time is American Idol on?' Good grief.
  • Kentucky's population should experience a huge growth spurt soon, as they search for 'How to make a baby?'
  • Not sure what's going on Wyoming. They search 'What is Wyoming?' It's their own state.
  • Louisiana love them some WWE, brother! 'When is Wrestlemania?' tops their searches.

As far as the people in Missouri, South Dakota, New Jersey and Georgia are concerned, you may want to steer clear. It's all in good fun, so hit the website and check out what ALL the states are asking.

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