Colorado, with it's wide open spaces offers plenty of opportunities for dog lovers to enjoy the great outdoors and spend time with their favorite canine companion. When it comes to dogs, what breeds are you most likely to see Coloradoans with?

Mental Floss compiled data from the American Kennel Club to find the most popular dog breeds in every US state and Colorado is no trendsetter.

Of the 50 US states, 47 of them, including Colorado, have more Labrador retrievers than any other breed. Kentucky and West Virginia prefer Beagles while Florida loves the German Shepard.

The second most popular dog breed in Colorado is a Golden Retriever, followed by the German Shepard. Both breeds are popular in almost every other state.

A few other breeds making the most popular list are Bulldogs, including French Bulldogs, and in Utah the Yorkshire Terrier.

One of the reasons Labradors are so popular is their personality. The AKC describes a Labrador as active, friendly and outgoing. Plus, labs tend to play well with others making them perfect family pets.

Golden Retrievers, while not quite as active as labs, are also friendly, highly intelligent and very devoted to their owners.

The German Shepherd is described as a true dog lover's dog. Confident, courageous and smart are some of this breed's key characteristics.

Regardless of the popularity of the breed, make sure you research the dog you're looking for before you get it. Even the most popular breeds can become a problem if they don't have the type of home and care needed to keep them happy and healthy.

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