Has the time finally come for everyone who's been looking forward to checking out the "South Park Guys" Casa Bonita? Yes and no.

Call it a wide "soft open," as yes, people will be allowed to come in and enjoy what changes (and non-changes) have been made to Casa Bonita, but things are still a bit vague. If people hadn't already been into the new rendition of Denver's famous restaurant, you might think this is a part of one of Cartman's schemes.

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When you hear, "Casa Bonita is Open," you want to jump in the car and get over there to get in line. Then, you see that it's "not exactly" open, and there are stipulations. When, oh when, will we "really" be invited back in?


According to the Denver Post, Casa Bonita email subscribers were informed on June 21, 2023, about the new "come on in" deal. I am on that list (so I thought) but I didn't see anything; that's neither 'here' nor 'there,' let's move on.


The new deal seems to be that for two weekends, people will be allowed to come in, with a ticket they've already purchased online. Tickets (will be) $39.99 for adults and $24.99 for kids 3-12. No more than eight to a party will be allowed. It's apparently a timed entry - your ticket will be for a specific time, once they become available at CasaBontia.com; (they were not at the time of this writing.)


It still seems vague, to this writer, as they're not really fully open. This new deal is for the weekends of June 23-24 and June 29-July 1 ONLY. What happens after that, remains to be seen.

Come on, Cartman. What's the real story, here?

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