Boy, we just never know when it's our time now do we?

Even the most prepared, experienced campers, hikers, hunters, the Colorado mountains can be so unpredictable.

On Tuesday afternoon San Juan County Sheriff's Office announced that a tree fell on the tent of 56-year-old Beth Skelley of Lafayette late Monday night.

San Juan and La Plata counties responded to her location near Grizzly Peak, Northwest of Engineer Mountain.

Flight For Life helicopter was called for support, but it did not end well.

Rescue crews did all they could to try and revive Skelley, unfortunately, they were unsuccessful.

Beth Skelley was in the company of two other females who had been hiking with her. Those two were unharmed.

Rescue crews removed Skelley's body from the area later in the afternoon.

So sad to hear stories like this. It truly makes me think that every moment is a gift and not to take anything for granted.

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