A woman from Pueblo, Colorado is being accused of entering an airport totally naked, getting into a scuffle with the police and refusing to leave.

This allegedly happened at Louis Armstrong National Airport in New Orleans, Louisiana, last Friday. The woman, 27-year-old Mariel Vergara apparently walked into the airport completely nude, and after being told that she couldn't travel on an airplane in the buff, apparently got violent with the police before being arrested.

This story raises so many questions. First of all, let's address the elephant in the room, what was this lady thinking? I mean, I guess she would have avoided taking off her shoes and her belt to get through airport security, but in what scenario would it be ok to be naked in public, much less in an airport with many, many people and tight security?

Second of all, how did this woman get to the airport? Did she drive, park her car, and walk to the terminal naked? Was she dropped off? Also, regardless of what happened before the incident, wouldn't you think that the most practical thing to do would be to get a hold of some kind of clothing rather than going straight to the airport to get on a plane?

We don't know much else about this story, but I have a feeling that this woman's problems are deeper than what lay on the surface. Hopefully, after this ordeal, she can get the help she needs.

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