You might as well face it, winter has hit the Colorado mountains again this year. That means you have two options, just stay at home all winter. Or brave the hairy driving conditions through the mountains.

If you opt for the latter, there are a few things you'll need in your car just to be safe and not sorry.

For starters, you should always carry winter clothing. Like boots, a warm winter coat, hats, gloves, and extra water. You never know when you get stuck by a closed-down I-70.

Other things you'll definitely want to have in your car are as follows:

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Like the warm winter clothes, you may want something to snuggle under if the interstate shuts down and you're stuck for a few hours. Get a nice down-filled blanket like this one. It's stashed away in a stuff sack making it easy to store away in the back of your car.

There's nothing worse than getting back to your car from hitting the slopes or just checking out Colorado's winter wonderland, and your car's battery is dead. You'll definitely need some jumper cables. BUT! If you're all by your lonesome, you'll probably want to opt for one of these self-contained jump-start systems. No need to wait for someone else to start your car.

During winter in Colorado, we have to follow the traction laws. That means having snow tires, all-wheel or four-wheel drive, or carry and alternative traction device like this Autosock. You may never need to use it, but it's always good to have in case of an emergency.

Speaking of emergencies, what happens when you do get stuck? Carry some kitty litter. It's better than a snow-melting product since it won't refreeze into slick ice. Just pour a bit around the tire and it'll help grab some traction to pull yourself out of that sticky situation.

If you're stuck more than a little bit, you might need to dig yourself out. This collapsible shovel will fit in the trunk of your car and come in handy when you slide into that deep snowdrift.

Blowing snow, and dark conditions make it dangerous if you're stuck on the side of the road. Just turn these bright LED road flares on so other drivers can see that there's a hazard ahead --your stuck car-- to steer clear of you.

This is a no-brainer. You need to make sure your windows and tops of your car are cleared. This one is adjustable, and the brush is detachable.

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