In a recent segment on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah discusses speed trap revenue, mentioning three Colorado towns.

In the installment, titled 'If You Don't Know, Now You Know,' Noah breaks down the practice of police ticketing drivers in order to meet 'quotas,' stating that 'the surprising truth is that a lot of the time, the police don't want to be pulling you over either.'

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Noah explains that police give people traffic tickets for multiple reasons, be it speeding or running a stop sign, or simply to generate ticket revenue. The quota system is illegal in a handful of states, like Florida, at which Noah quipped that if it's illegal in Florida, 'then it's got to be really bad.'

At about 3:13 in the segment, Colorado towns like Morrison, Nunn and Mountain View are called out for speed trap ticketing. According to the news clip from 9NEWS (KUSA), Morrison, home of Red Rocks Amphitheatre, makes 52 percent of its annual budget on traffic citations, and Mountain View, 53 percent. Nunn, a Northern Colorado town of around 500 people, north of Greeley, makes 40 percent of its annual budget on traffic tickets.

At the end of the clip, Noah suggests the solution for police generating revenue without traffic stops is Uber Blue, a rideshare service using police vehicles. You can watch the full segment, below.

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