We all remember the popular TV series a few years back that would set up unsuspecting people of online sex crimes. Well, something very similar was put into place by the Durango Police Department, and just like on television the operation was successful as arrests were made. Including one teacher from Colorado who was interested in having sex with a minor.

We got shocking information from The Durango Herald about the police operation and the physical education teacher from Colorado Springs who was arrested. 34-year-old Joshua Silverthorn, a teacher for Monterey Elementary School was placed under arrest after the undercover operation. The Durango Police Department worked with the Colorado Springs Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Specific Details About the Teacher Arrested for Online Sex Crimes

Silverthorn is facing a class 4 felony charge of suspicion of Internet Exploitation of a Child. This specific case began back in March when police posing as a 14-year-old girl was contacted by the suspect. It didn’t take long before the conversation went sexual in nature and continued over the next few months electronically. It was easy for law enforcement to match Silverthorn to the photos that he sent.

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What Happens Next in The Case Against Joshua Silverthorn?

The Harrison School District has placed him on administrative leave at this point. And the Colorado Springs Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force still considers this case active. As in all criminal cases, all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. We will update you on this case as it progresses.

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