This retired Colorado teacher has made almost $50,000 by renting out his pool. Here's what he plans to do with the money and how many pool reservations he had.

Ned Gilardino says that he and his family don't use their pool in Aurora, Colorado all of the time, but still have to maintain it all the time. So Ned made a website and listed his pool on Swimply, to rent out his pool just like an Airbnb. According to Swimply's website, they are an online swimming pool sharing company, offering hourly pool rentals.

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SplashFork Pool, Grill & Grounds, which is the name of Ned's pool, didn't have a lot of hits when this retired Colorado teacher first listed it. In 2019 he only had one reservation, but then in 2020, everything changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In about four months, Ned had 500 pool reservations. Sometimes people will rent the pool out for a couple of hours and sometimes they'll rent it for the whole day.

Ned already has 250 reservations for 2021, according to The Denver Channel. This retired Colorado teacher and his wife have made almost $50,000 renting out their pool and plan to use it toward some vacations.

SplashFork Pool, Grill & Grounds is only getting bigger and better. Ned currently working on some renovations the pool rental now includes the whole backyard. According to The Denver Channel, the pool rental also come with a playhouse for kids and he's working on human foosball court.

Here are some other things that are included with this pool rental:

  • Waterslide
  • Chairs
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Cornhole
  • Yard Jenga
  • Burgers, snacks, beer, firepit, and more (for an additional charge)

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