When depicted in film and/or TV, tarantulas are typically terrifying and dangerous. However, these big, fuzzy arachnids typically pose little to no threat and are often kept as pets.

Believe it or not, tarantulas can be found in the wild in numerous parts of Colorado and if you happen to stumble across one, it's going to be one of two different types.

Keep scrolling to learn about the two types of tarantulas that call the state of Colorado home.

Colorado Tarantulas: The Texas Brown Tarantula

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The Texas Brown Tarantula can be found all over the state, though is most frequently found in southeastern Colorado near cities like Pueblo and Canon City.

Also known as the Missouri Tarantula, Oklahoma Brown Tarantula, or its official name Aphonopelma Hentzi, the Texas Brown Tarantula are between 2.5 to 3 inches in length with bodies in various shades of brown.

It's unlikely that you'll be bitten by one of these tarantulas but if you do you'll likely only experience some irritation. Interestingly, if you were to purchase one of these spiders as a pet, it would typically cost anywhere from $30 to $100.

Colorado Tarantulas: The Grand Canyon Black Tarantula

The other type of tarantula you'll find in Colorado is the Aphonopelma Marxi, better known as The Grand Canyon Black Tarantula.

These spiders are found in higher desert areas such as the Four Corners region and much of southwestern Colorado. As the name suggests, these tarantulas are dark black, but also often have red and orange hairs as well.

It's these tarantulas that you've probably heard about making a pilgrimage across Colorado each year during mating season, and like their Texas Brown counterparts, rarely bite humans.

These tarantulas are anywhere from 3 to 5" long and cost around $250 to purchase as a pet.

All in all, while these spiders may appear menacing, the tarantulas that live in Colorado are relatively docile, and, in the rare case that you are bitten, their venom is pretty harmless to humans.

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