It sounds like an extraordinary number, but the state of Colorado is still dealing with 1,300 cold case homicides.

Honestly, that sounds like a number you might think is based on national statistics. Except, this is just Colorado. According to Colorado's Cold Case Task Force, in addition to more than 1,300 cold case homicides, there are 325 long-term missing cases, and 29 unidentified remains.

Now think about all of the Colorado families that are being affected by these cold cases. That is a lot of people that are dealing with grief, uncertainty, and unanswered questions. Thankfully, there is support being provided for this group of people.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has expanded its Victim Assistance Program, and through a grant is now able to assign two victim advocates to help serve the families of unsolved homicide victims, and those designated as long-term missing in Colorado.

These advocates help families locate support groups and resources, serve as liaisons with law enforcement, or just spend time listening to them. The Victim Assistance Program also offers support for victims of identity theft and fraud.

Those cold cases may never be solved, but the families who are haunted daily by the memory of their tragic loss will not be forgotten and are getting much-needed support.

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