Colorado has now started a training program for state troopers to spot drivers under the influence of marijuana. The state has admitted that spotting those drivers who have toked up before hitting the road has proven a difficult task, so I thought I would help them out.

First, look for those who have parked in an odd spot. Most stoners can’t really drive very far so they have to take breaks from time to time. Those people will park in the first available spot they find which might not be an actual parking spot.

Second, when they do stop for a smoke break look for more than the average smoke plumes that may be rolling from the vehicle and a bit of confusion about where they are at the time. Also, they may seem to find the simplest things a big laugh.

Third, if you get behind a vehicle with a stoned driver they will become paranoid and feel like they are being followed. This will lead to some strange behavior and could cause an accident. Most times this will be a one-car event but be careful.

Finally if you really want to catch stoners driving stake out the local 7-Eleven. It is the number one destination for Slurpees and Cheetos. Everyone knows that stoners need those items to make it through their day. Drive safe out there and have a nice day.

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