Technology is known to move the world forward, but an art competition in Colorado has some artists feeling like society is heading in the wrong direction.

The winners of an art competition that occurred at Colorado's 150th State Fair have been announced and people around the world are not happy with the results.

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Art Created by Artificial Intelligence Entered into Colorado Art Competition

A man by the name of Jason Allen was awarded first place in the Digitally-Manipulated Photography category of the art competition at the Colorado State Fair.

Toni Gee, TSM
Toni Gee, TSM

Allen used artificial intelligence to create a piece called Théâtre D'opéra Spatial. 

After announcing his win online, his post quickly went viral with thousands of people who were angered that Allen was allowed to enter AI-created artwork into the competition. As it stands currently, there are no rules banning AI-generated artwork from the Colorado State Fair's competition, and the judges were aware that the piece was made using artificial intelligence.

Humans Argue that AI Takes Jobs From Real People

This isn't the first time that artificial intelligence-created art has been criticized. FN Meka, an AI rapper, also recently faced major backlash after being signed to Capitol Records. The label dropped the bot within a week after being called tone-deaf to the real struggles that black people face that were being rapped about by an entity that wasn't even black or human for that matter. The same argument seems to be arising from the AI's art competition win, and people believe that real artists' struggles and dedication to their craft are being unjustly overlooked.

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