If you are looking for an interesting Colorado hike - scenic but not too difficult - Mayflower Gulch might just be the hike for you.

Mayflower Gulch is evidence that a hike doesn't have to take you to great heights to be a worthwhile adventure.

The highlight of the Mayflower Gulch is unquestionably the ruins from an old mining ghost town, but you'll also enjoy great views. From most accounts, the hike is not difficult and offers some great photo opportunities of wildflowers, mine ruins, mountains, and nearby Clinton Gulch Dam Reservoir.

Mayflower Gulch with snow capped mountains
Getty Images/iStockphoto - Mayflower Gulch

Here's what people said on Trip Advisor about the Mayflower Gulch Hike.

* "just took our breath away"
* "worth the visit"
* "amazing views"
* "great way to spend the day"

The hike is described as "easy" and trail use as "moderate. Your elevation gain is going to be about 1500 feet, and roundtrip distance is about 5.5 miles. There are other trails to follow once you get back there that will take you farther and higher.

Although we include this in our list of spring hikes, for this one you would be well advised to wait until at least late spring when the snow has had a chance to melt.

You'll find the Mayflower Gulch trailhead about 5 miles from Copper Mountain on Highway 91.




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