We've picked on Colorado drivers a few times, and it looks like we have good reason to. A new study shows Colorado ranks in the top 10 worst drivers in the United States.

The insurance comparison website, QuoteWizard, compared all the states to see which one was home to the worst drivers. The final rankings were devised by calculating the total accidents, speeding tickets, DUI, citations, and fatalities.

We're sorry to say, Colorado, but you're the 8th worst state for drivers. Don't feel too bad, though. Our neighbor to the west, Utah, came in as the worst drivers, but we already knew that. Oh, and our least favorite drivers, those from California, ranked in as second worst -- even more reason for the California angst.

The best states, are Rhode Island, Florida (really?!), Mississippi, Michigan and Nevada.

If you need more proof that Colorado drivers need to go back to driving school, take a look at the above videos.

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